Everyone Hides


Another great Wilco concert, yesterday at the trianon !!
It’s getting boring … But no!
I too can make jokes like Jeff Tweedy the singer (leader?) Of the band;
like when he announces that they will play a new song (« everyone hides ») and
that they made a clip for this one then « Shut Up! « ; also when a spectator screams
« Play All Your Songs », Tweedy after a long silence, swings a clever « NO » with a smile,
adding that it would take a lifetime, and we’ll all be dead before … Hahaha ! Sacred Jeff !!! Otherwise, beautifully placed on a balcony just above the group (I sold a child * for that …), I could admire the crazy cohesion between the members of the group and especially the genius of the inventive drummer Glenn Kotche: BRAVO !!!
(*) In truth my daughter Jeanne (14 years old) was with us, she loved it !!!)